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Featured Project 3:
Metals processing plant wastewater treatment end-to-end solution


A local industrial client received a violation notice regarding their industrial wastewater discharges. A change of chemicals in their metals processing resulted in excessive solids in the wastestream. The local treatment plant authority required that the facility implement solids-removal prior to off-site discharge.


No two industrial facilities are exactly alike and as such, no two industrial waste streams are alike. Industrial wastewater must be approached with this understanding. As an initial step the waste stream was characterized for a range of metals and solids that were anticipated to be present based on the industrial process. Characterization provided important understanding as to the concentrations of metals that were most present, the percentage of those metals in the dissolved or particulate phase, and their overall solute stability. This preliminary characterization was used as a starting point for choosing the most applicable coagulant. Next, Cor administered jar and settlement tests as an additional pre-design phase. The jar tests and settlement tests informed numerous aspects and sizing of the final design. The initial information-gathering and small-scale testing was crucial for informing the full-scale design, from the optimal chemical concentrations to all major component sizing. Cor delivered conceptual design cost evaluation, conceptual design, final construction documents and specifications for the solids removal treatment system.


The client has an effective, full-scale solids removal system installed at their facility, thereby meeting their municipal discharge standards. The treatment train consists of coagulant/flocculent additions, clarifiers, and filter press. At the client’s request, the system was designed with actuated valves that could operate the system in parallel or in series. What results is a flexible, efficient system that meets the client’s needs. 

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